In-Person Intensive Training Highlights:

  • Duration: Immerse yourself in a four-day intensive learning experience, totaling 26 hours of in-depth instruction. This duration has been strategically designed to cover a spectrum of crucial topics, ensuring a well-rounded and thorough preparation.
  • Format: Step into a dynamic and interactive classroom setting where real-time engagement, questions, and live insights pave the way for a richer understanding of the subject matter. Our expert instructors are committed to providing you with an immersive learning environment, facilitating an optimal experience for every participant.
  • Requirement: Dedicate yourself to the entire four-day program to complete the certification process successfully. Attendance is not only a prerequisite for certification but also a commitment to absorbing the wealth of knowledge that will empower you in your role as a future assisted living facility administrator.

In-Person Course prerequisites:
To enroll in this course, it is mandatory to register and make full payment beforehand.

Cancellation Policy:
Please note that cancellations made less than a week before the class starts are not eligible for refunds. Should you need a refund or change of class date, a $20 administrative charge will apply.
ALF Boss may cancel a class if the required minimum number of students is not reached. In such cases, students will be informed at least four days before the class date. Affected students will have the choice to either move to a different class date and/or location or receive a full refund